Kelburn Castle and Country Estate

I am very fortunate to have had the pleasure of performing at various events at Kelburn Castle and Country Estate. During the occasions that I performed at Kelburn Castle I fell in love with the vintage décor and unique attributes of the building. So when I pictured the ideal location for the video shoot, this was the exact image I had in mind. With the stunning backdrop and grand and rustic furnishings it was exactly what I imagined Kirkennan House to look like where my Gran spent her days during the evacuation.


In the Drawing Room at Kelburn


This is where I picture part of the filming to take place within the drawing room in Kelburn. I could be sitting at the piano while there are photos in the background which represent the evacuation. If filmed in March then there should also be areas in the grounds of the estate which are filled with daffodils.

The above photos show Kelburn Castle and The Estates Gardens. You can see the comparison to Kirkennan House in the photos below.

In the hopes of using this location I contact Jared at Kelburn, who then speaks with Lord Glasgow of my behalf. Lord Glasgow replies that he is more than happy to allow me to film in the grounds and within the castle. I plan on doing this in the third week of March over three days, 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

I am really excited about the idea of filming at this location its really going to fit in really well with the concept and story!