Editing the Video Footage

Now that all the footage has been filmed it is time to start the editing process.

This is an area in which I do not have any previous experience, so Martin will take the lead on this but happy for me to have my input and we can work together to create the final outcome.

The editing process is carried out on a programme on the iMac:

Some photos taken from at the video shoot:

Martin also experimented with various text designs:

Ultimately this was my favourite one:


Filming the Music Video

On the days running up to the filming of the video I gathered and made props which I used on the video. My gran mentioned the fact that they often had lemon curd sandwiches which they would take to school so I decided to make some sandwiches and feature a jar of the lemon curd with a label to highlight what it is.

lemon curd
Lemon Curd Sandwiches and Photo Memory Box

I also came across a lovely wooden chest which I decided I would use to store my grans photographs along with tags inspired by the ones which would have been used on their suitcases they used during the evacuation.


Memory Box with Photographs


Sample of Evacuation Tags

I also bought some daffodils that I could use inside the house to keep the theme flowing throughout. I framed certain photographs including a photo of the card sent from my Aunt Janette to my Gran many years later which features 3 children and a teacher putting on their gas masks.

Daffodils and Memory Box

With the props ready I was all set to start filming on the Tuesday…

Unfortunately on the morning that we were due to start I opened up my blinds and what did I see… SNOW!! Just typical Scottish Weather, first day of spring and it snows. The plan was to set the video during springtime in amongst the daffodils and not surrounded by snow. Due to this we had to postpone the filming. Luckily the snow cleared quickly and we were able to film the next day.

m and n
Martin Bone and myself outside of Kelburn Castle

We began the day by exploring the room inside to map out where we would film from and set up the equipment and props, etc. There are so many lovely areas and quirky elements that we could use indoors. Including a window box displaying a wooden toy train, another window with a Grandfather clock (ideal for the theme of ‘Somewhere in Time’, and of course the area featuring the piano. I decided that I would display the props on the piano. There were so many other areas which we could have potentially used but these are the areas that we ultimately decided to utilise within the house.

Once we organised the plan for inside the house, we took a little wander round the gardens and estate to come up with a plan of where to film outside. We found the area which was covered in daffodils, exactly as I had pictured. We then struck it very lucky and came across this path which was covered in beautiful bright pink flowers which can from a near by tree. We then discovered an old tree right in the middle of the flower bush which would be a perfect place to record a scene. It looks so vibrant and will fit in beautifully as a contrast to the other scenes. We felt like we had found a hidden gem.

Please follow the two links below to view footage from inside the drawing room:

Martin Bone setting up the camera equiptment
Here are a couple of photos of our ‘hidden gem’:

We had a really successful day of filming, I felt that the process was organic in nature and we captured some truly beautiful moments of footage. The day was such a success that I felt that we didn’t need anymore footage. We got so much good quality footage that I felt that I didn’t want to overcomplicate the process by filming much more. It was a challenge to take on the role of directing the music video when this something that is completely new to me, but feel like it was success. It was great to have the experience of Martin whose input was invaluable during the process.

So the following day,  we invited my gran and papa round for tea and lemon curd sandwiches to film my Gran and I discussing her evacuation story.


My Gran Kathleen and Me


1940’s Influence

As World War Two began in 1939 and ended in 1945 I felt it would be appropriate to use 1940’s elements for various aspects of the video.

In terms of  my outfits for the shoot I researched 1940’s Fashion:

These are some examples of outfits that I found- something like this would work well for the outdoor scenes.

I researched outfits which would be worn as Evening Wear and found the following:

I think this Idea of having something off the shoulder and more of an evening style would work well for scenes inside the house. While I don’t want to copy the styles exactly, I plan to take influence from the styles researched.

I also researched some hairstyles:

By using inspiration from the 1940’s I hope to add some elements of the styles into the aesthetics of the video.

Creating a Storyboard

Having an idea of what Kelburn Estate looks like I have an idea of where I would like to film. I would like to process to be as organic as possible without having strict timings etc.

So instead of creating a storyboard with exact scenes and timings for each I have mapped out a rough idea of what I picture various scenes to look like, but I will also look for opportunities for scenes on the day at the location.


Story Board
Storyboard of scenes

I will create props which can be used along with various photographs given to me to use by my gran. I have taken inspiration from the story and the key words taken from the story. The plan is to set the scene as if I have gone back to Kirkennan house to explore and reflect on the story and share in the memories.