Recording the Vocals

While I still haven’t came up with a story for the video I hoped that by recording the song It would give me that push to come up with something really special. I feel like when I sing a song I can really connect to the lyrics, I am hoping when I feel that connection that the story will just fall into place.

Built on this idea of creating a new song based on a classical piece of music Sandi Thom came up with beautiful lyrics based around the theme of long lost love. The idea of doing this music crossover is something that is really intriguing for Sandi so she invited me down to her studio in Liverpool where we could spend a few days bouncing about ideas and collaborating before spending the final day recording the vocals.

I am really pleased with how the vocals along with Sandi’s piano backing has turned out. It gives me a really good starting point for the song. I was also really great to get some time to really focus on the music and the vocals.

I love the idea of adding a section at the intro which sound like it is being played on an old scratchy record player before building up to the crisp clear sound of a modern day recording. This could be also be added into the video rather than the track itself.

Vinyl Scratching Sound:


Creating a Story

I’m a huge fan of a Mind Map so this is the exact way in which I have started my development process:


At this point I also refer back to some notes I made earlier:



My plan is to create a story which revolves around this idea of long lost love. I have spent some time with men and woman who have served for our country and heard many stories based around the same theme of ‘Separated by War’ and thought this would be a great baseline for a story within the video. The story can be based around the idea that they are being separated by war but that they ‘will meet again somewhere in time'(taken from the lyrics of the song).

I decided to do some research online for some more inspiration and found countless stories to the same effect. One story which inspired me in particular was the story between Bernie Bluett and Bob Humphries. The couple fell in love during World War Two but were both separated when the couples parents disapproved of the relationship. Even when Bob joined the Army and was sent out to the barracks they did their best to keep in contact, but their parents would intercept their letters. Eventually they were forced to live apart, the years went by and they moved on and lived separate lives with new families but the both of them never forgot about their first love. So seven decades after falling in the love the couple reunite and marry at the age of 89 and 87. Its both heart-breaking and heart-warming in nature. You can read the full story here-

I haven’t thought of my own story yet, but this story along with other stories I have heard will give me something to really think about and hopefully inspire me further. I will take some time while I am waiting on my Formal Abstract feedback to have a good think. I will write down any thoughts I have and then eventually create a story board with my ideas.



A Short Reading List and Inspirations

There are various texts which I will use to underpin the folio development work:

  • ‘Creative Blogging: Your first steps to a successful blog’- I am using this book as it gives advice on what a blog is and how to use it to express creativity while documenting the development process.
  • ‘Music and Copyright’- A book about copyright laws and why the laws are important. This relates to how important it is for me to have the permission of the songwriter to use their original musical work and lyrics.
  • ‘Handbook of Music and Emotion: Theory, Research, Application’- A book which is based on music’s ability to express and arouse emotions. It features perspectives on musical emotions from philosophy, musicology and the relationship between music and emotions. All of which directly relates to the theoretical underpinning of this project.
  • ‘Make Your Music Video and Put It Online’- A book which is intended for amateur musicians, This will be a useful to guide me through the process of making the video, the post production editing and what programmes to use to upload the video.
  • ‘Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to The New Music Business’- This is a book which will benefit me in terms of the final release of the song and the video. It gives advice on producing records and sharing them online.

As mentioned in my previous post I have used ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ (Con Te Partiro) as an inspiration for evoking emotion through music. It is also a perfect example of a powerful classical piece of music.

I also came across a song called ‘Dreaming Of The Days’ featuring the vocals of Classical Artist Katherine Jenkins. The song is a great example and inspiration for storytelling within a music video. It is also an example of taking a classical instrumental piece and adding modern lyrics.

The song is based on the Classical piece ‘I Giorni’:

The story is based around young love. A young boy finds a Viewmaster toy and looks through to see the photos of Katherine and then shows the photos to his girl friend. They then follow the story of the couple growing up and falling in love. When they finish school they drift apart and then don’t meet again till the now grown woman notices the Viewmaster in a shop window. It turns out that the boy now also grown up owns the shop and the couple reunite. The story is about long lost love and the Viewmaster plays a significant part throughout the story in the video.
Dreaming of the Days Lyrics:

Ideas and Thoughts of the Theoretical Underpinning

I would like to create something which evokes an emotional connection with the listeners when they hear the music. When I hear or perform certain pieces of music It brings out various types of emotions within myself and from the listener. For example, when I sing the Classical piece ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ it tends to ‘move’ the listener or give them ‘goose bumps’ because the instrumental arrangement and the message conveyed is so powerful. They may also relate the song to the loss of a loved one, as it is commonly knows as a funeral song. Translated the song portrays a journey, its about looking back on a past love with affection, a love which you will take with you on new horizons but accepting that you have to move on.

Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman ‘Con Te Partiro’ (Time to Say Goodbye):

English Translation of Italian Lyrics:
One of my own performances of Con Te Partiro (Time To Say Goodbye):

Listeners can relate to songs in so many different ways, songs can tell a story which is then inteperated differently by each individual. There are many studies which suggest that there is a physiological relationship between humans’ emotions and music. Literature studies suggest that,

The most common motive for listening to music is to influence emotions- listeners use music to change emotions, to release emotions, to match their current emotion, to enjoy or to comfort themselves, or to relieve stress. (Juslin and Sloboda, 2010:1)

In my project I want to utilise this physiological relationship and will aim to create something which really tells a story and incorporate the essence which comes from a classical piece of music. I will reinvigorate the classical piece with contemporary lyrics and infuse it with an audio visual of a story which is relatable to and inspirational to the listener. With the track I plan to build it up musically with an orchestral section to try and create something just as powerful and thought provoking as ‘Time To Say Goodbye’.

Juslin, P. and Sloboda, J. 2010. Handbook of music and emotion. Oxford: Oxford University Press: 1

‘Somewhere In Time’ begins…

When recently working with a singer-songwriter we both discussed the idea of taking a classical piece of music and putting it together with some new lyrics to give it a contemporary feel. The individual that I worked with, Sandi Thom, then wrote the song lyrics based on this idea then we arranged the song to suit. I was then given the copyright permission to use the original song and adapt it to my own vocal style.

‘Somewhere in Time’ is a song which is based on the classical instrumental piece ‘Clair De Lune’. I plan to record the song with my own vocals at an Ayrshire based recording studio and then create a music video. This project will represent a significant broadening of my artistic scope. As a classical singer I am used to performing a song directly as it is written. Classical singing is an art form which is highly disciplined in nature. This in turn means that I usually tend to be managed and directed my a musical director. In this case I will have the opportunity to be fully in charge of the creative process from building the musicality of the song to recording and then experimenting with creating and filming a music video.

This project will mainly be performance based, although there will be a crossover in terms of the production aspect, which will include the technical recording of both the track and the video. I plan for the final outcome of the project  to come in the form of a physical and digital single release accompanied by a visual music video which will be available to view online.

I have chosen to do this project as I really feel like it is something which I want to do for myself. This project gives me the opportunity to be creative and experiment freely without any restrictions and hopefully to discover something about myself outside of my comfort zone.

Claude Debussy: Clair De Lune- Inspiration for ‘Somewhere In Time’

‘Somewhere In Time’

‘Somewhere In Time’, is the title of my Creative Music Project. This blog will be dedicated to my project and will document my process every step of the way.

I started out my Commercial Music BA Honours years with the intention of doing an entirely different project all together, something which would steer me in the direction of my desired career. But in the end I decided that since I’m directing every other module this year towards a career in the educational sector, I would do something for myself. This could be the last time for a while that I can really focus on something personal relating to my passion for music. I have a real passion for performing classical music and next year will mark my 10 year anniversary of when I started performing professionally and I would like to commemorate that with something really special.

And so begins my project ‘Somewhere In Time’…