‘Somewhere In Time’ begins…

When recently working with a singer-songwriter we both discussed the idea of taking a classical piece of music and putting it together with some new lyrics to give it a contemporary feel. The individual that I worked with, Sandi Thom, then wrote the song lyrics based on this idea then we arranged the song to suit. I was then given the copyright permission to use the original song and adapt it to my own vocal style.

‘Somewhere in Time’ is a song which is based on the classical instrumental piece ‘Clair De Lune’. I plan to record the song with my own vocals at an Ayrshire based recording studio and then create a music video. This project will represent a significant broadening of my artistic scope. As a classical singer I am used to performing a song directly as it is written. Classical singing is an art form which is highly disciplined in nature. This in turn means that I usually tend to be managed and directed my a musical director. In this case I will have the opportunity to be fully in charge of the creative process from building the musicality of the song to recording and then experimenting with creating and filming a music video.

This project will mainly be performance based, although there will be a crossover in terms of the production aspect, which will include the technical recording of both the track and the video. I plan for the final outcome of the project  to come in the form of a physical and digital single release accompanied by a visual music video which will be available to view online.

I have chosen to do this project as I really feel like it is something which I want to do for myself. This project gives me the opportunity to be creative and experiment freely without any restrictions and hopefully to discover something about myself outside of my comfort zone.

Claude Debussy: Clair De Lune- Inspiration for ‘Somewhere In Time’

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