Experimenting with Video Programmes

While my Gran is off looking out all her photographs from her childhood I thought I would start experimenting with some video apps on my iPhone. I plan on contacting a photographer to help film a Music Video with me which will great in terms of making the video look professional.

But at this stage in my development I wanted to explore my other options. There is so much technology now available for amateur filmmakers that incredible videos can be made just using an iPhone.

Example of a Music Video filmed by actress Olivia Wilde using just the iPhone 6s Plus:

I came across an app called 8mm Vintage Camera. The app allows the user to easily film video and add on live effects. It captures the beauty of and magic of old school vintage movies. Dust and scratches, retro colours, flickering light leaks, even frame shakes all can be instantly added. So I began messing around filming things around the house to get a feel for how it works:

I thought this could really work well for the beginning of the video if I was to add in an intro to the song which features the popping and scratching of a vinyl on a record player before it bursts into the clarity of a modern recording. It could work really well to switch between this old school- looking video footage while looking back on the story and then flicking back to normal modern clips of me singing the song.

Test shot of Vinyl Recorder using the Vintage App:

This gives me something to work on and develop throughout this process. The next step once I’ve gathered all the information will be to create a storyboard for the video.
I came across a website which I found really interesting which provides great advice in relation to creating a Storyboard for a music video:

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