Music and Emotion

I came across a great quote in relation to the theoretical underpinning for the project and thought I would make a note of it for future reference:

Music can also be considered as therapeutic, as Music Therapist Clements- Cortes (2004) suggests,

… a remembered melody may evoke the place, time, and especially the emotional state of the situation where the tune was originally heard. Music memories are some of our most deep- rooted memories. Music has accompanied us throughout our lives both consciously and unconsciously, and therefore music is a mirror of our worlds, and it is a reflection of our period of time. (Clements- Cortes, 2004: 225)

This statement underpins the theme of what I want to create with this project. ‘Somewhere in Time’ will reflect the emotions and the memories of the time spent by my Gran, Great Aunt and Great Uncle during the evacuations of World War Two.


Clements- Cortes, A. (2004). The use of music in facilitating emotional expression in the terminally ill. American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine. 21, 225. (online). Available at: Accessed 24 January 2017.


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