A Short Reading List and Inspirations

There are various texts which I will use to underpin the folio development work:

  • ‘Creative Blogging: Your first steps to a successful blog’- I am using this book as it gives advice on what a blog is and how to use it to express creativity while documenting the development process.
  • ‘Music and Copyright’- A book about copyright laws and why the laws are important. This relates to how important it is for me to have the permission of the songwriter to use their original musical work and lyrics.
  • ‘Handbook of Music and Emotion: Theory, Research, Application’- A book which is based on music’s ability to express and arouse emotions. It features perspectives on musical emotions from philosophy, musicology and the relationship between music and emotions. All of which directly relates to the theoretical underpinning of this project.
  • ‘Make Your Music Video and Put It Online’- A book which is intended for amateur musicians, This will be a useful to guide me through the process of making the video, the post production editing and what programmes to use to upload the video.
  • ‘Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to The New Music Business’- This is a book which will benefit me in terms of the final release of the song and the video. It gives advice on producing records and sharing them online.

As mentioned in my previous post I have used ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ (Con Te Partiro) as an inspiration for evoking emotion through music. It is also a perfect example of a powerful classical piece of music.

I also came across a song called ‘Dreaming Of The Days’ featuring the vocals of Classical Artist Katherine Jenkins. The song is a great example and inspiration for storytelling within a music video. It is also an example of taking a classical instrumental piece and adding modern lyrics.

The song is based on the Classical piece ‘I Giorni’:

The story is based around young love. A young boy finds a Viewmaster toy and looks through to see the photos of Katherine and then shows the photos to his girl friend. They then follow the story of the couple growing up and falling in love. When they finish school they drift apart and then don’t meet again till the now grown woman notices the Viewmaster in a shop window. It turns out that the boy now also grown up owns the shop and the couple reunite. The story is about long lost love and the Viewmaster plays a significant part throughout the story in the video.
Dreaming of the Days Lyrics:

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