Creating a Story

I’m a huge fan of a Mind Map so this is the exact way in which I have started my development process:


At this point I also refer back to some notes I made earlier:



My plan is to create a story which revolves around this idea of long lost love. I have spent some time with men and woman who have served for our country and heard many stories based around the same theme of ‘Separated by War’ and thought this would be a great baseline for a story within the video. The story can be based around the idea that they are being separated by war but that they ‘will meet again somewhere in time'(taken from the lyrics of the song).

I decided to do some research online for some more inspiration and found countless stories to the same effect. One story which inspired me in particular was the story between Bernie Bluett and Bob Humphries. The couple fell in love during World War Two but were both separated when the couples parents disapproved of the relationship. Even when Bob joined the Army and was sent out to the barracks they did their best to keep in contact, but their parents would intercept their letters. Eventually they were forced to live apart, the years went by and they moved on and lived separate lives with new families but the both of them never forgot about their first love. So seven decades after falling in the love the couple reunite and marry at the age of 89 and 87. Its both heart-breaking and heart-warming in nature. You can read the full story here-

I haven’t thought of my own story yet, but this story along with other stories I have heard will give me something to really think about and hopefully inspire me further. I will take some time while I am waiting on my Formal Abstract feedback to have a good think. I will write down any thoughts I have and then eventually create a story board with my ideas.




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