A Sudden Spark of Creativity

A sudden spark of creativity ignited in me this morning. For the past couple of weeks I have been really struggling to pin down a story for my video until this morning…

My Aunt is still holding on, she is strong and she is fighting. This is what I discovered from my phone call with my gran last night. This morning I woke up still thinking about the conversation which took place between my gran and I which led me to thinking about the stories which my gran has told me about her my aunts childhood. In that moment in time I knew exactly what my concept for the video will be.

My Gran and Aunt were just children during the early years of World War II. They lived with their family in Glasgow at this time but with the threat of war imminent the British Government made preparations for the evacuation of children from the city to the countryside. The two young sisters were then separated from their family and moved out to a house in the country, the blessing was that they weren’t separated like so many other siblings were. Eventually then did return to their family in Glasgow after years of being separated from their Mother.

It’s such an incredible story and an extremely thought- provoking chapter of my relatives lives- this is the story that I should be drawing my inspiration from.

I’ve spent the past few weeks researching other peoples war stories when I should have been looking closer to home. I know understand why I have been struggling to connect to my original ideas. This story is so personal to myself and my family and its a story which deserves to be shared.

Filled with adrenaline from my realisation I called my Gran straight away. She was at the hospital with my Papa visiting with my Great Aunt. We all know in our hearts that although the doctor said that she will not be able to understand or hear us, she can. This comment was made when she wasn’t responsive a week ago, but we knew we must be right and in the past few days she has been attempting to speak and will squeeze my grans hand when she talks. I briefly spoke to my Great Aunt and she replies as best she can. I proceed to tell my Gran about my idea for this project. I am glad that she is happy with my decision to share their story and tells me that she will look out all her old photographs.

I have so many questions and I am excited to hear more about their time spent together and the precious memories shared.

I have already started scribbling down some questions, I’m so intrigued and I know that I will still have so many more questions to ask… but this is what I have to begin with:



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