Time to get personal…

In all honestly I haven’t been focusing too much on my Creative Project because life has gotten in the way. Between having assignments due for other classes, my part-time job, my singing commitments and my social life, this project has taken a bit of a back seat.

A lot has also been happening in my personal life, the very exciting news is that I recently got engaged to my partner of 7 years! So in between all of my other commitments some extra time has been made to celebrate this once in a lifetime event for my fiancé and I. While there has been exciting news in the past week or so since I lasted posted a blog update there has also been some sad news. On Friday of last week my close family and I received the call that my Great Aunt, my Mums Aunt and My Grans Sister became critically ill. We were invited to visit her at the hospital to say our last goodbyes.

I’ve only really gotten to know my Great Aunt over the past few years. She lived in South Africa for many years with her husband, my Great Uncle. We have shared many happy memories over the past few years. She is a remarkable woman, always so glamourous and flamboyant, the life and soul of any event. I love hearing my gran and my aunt recalling their stories of their life growing up together and all the memories that they share. It was a sad occasion to be saying goodbye to a loved one. It is even more heart breaking to think of someone saying goodbye to a sibling and I really felt for my grandparents in that moment of time.

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