Recording the Vocals

While I still haven’t came up with a story for the video I hoped that by recording the song It would give me that push to come up with something really special. I feel like when I sing a song I can really connect to the lyrics, I am hoping when I feel that connection that the story will just fall into place.

Built on this idea of creating a new song based on a classical piece of music Sandi Thom came up with beautiful lyrics based around the theme of long lost love. The idea of doing this music crossover is something that is really intriguing for Sandi so she invited me down to her studio in Liverpool where we could spend a few days bouncing about ideas and collaborating before spending the final day recording the vocals.

I am really pleased with how the vocals along with Sandi’s piano backing has turned out. It gives me a really good starting point for the song. I was also really great to get some time to really focus on the music and the vocals.

I love the idea of adding a section at the intro which sound like it is being played on an old scratchy record player before building up to the crisp clear sound of a modern day recording. This could be also be added into the video rather than the track itself.

Vinyl Scratching Sound:


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