Formal Abstract Feedback

So today I received feedback for my Formal abstract. Most of the feedback was very positive but there are some area which I will need to have a look at. It is noted that although the abstract is strong in outlining what I intend to do in a practical sense but less strong in terms of concept.

For example, one of your main creative contributions will be to direct a video but we don’t really get a sense of what the approach will be or your specific idea for the video itself.

It has also been highlighted that I should try to develop this more ahead of the presentation to give the strongest possible sense of myself as the creative driving force. Part of this will also be making a stronger connection between the idea and the underpinning.

I completely agree with this feedback as at the moment I really don’t have a strong sense of what approach I am going to take towards the video and the story that it will convey. At the moment I am still figuring out what the story will be. While I have the idea of setting it in war time and what I am doing in terms of the track recording, I am struggling to pin down a direction for the video.

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